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Uncle Buzzy's BFB of Bee Cartoons

Uncle Buzzy s Big Fat Book is a collection of the contribution to Bee Culture magazine made by Lela Dowling, a well know freelance cartoonist who has worked for Hasbro, Mattel, Electronic Arts, LucasARts and others over the years. She was a beekeeper for a time, and coupled with some of her somewhat unwired friends, came up with hundreds of off the wall cartoons to entertain the readers of Bee Culture. 

We've divided up the series into groupings that sort of go together, so you can sort and choose and take a look....many are in black and white, and just as many are in color...full page stories will keep you in stitches...78 pages, a couple hundred cartoons. 
    • There s a whole section on the Cover s she did...imagine a U-Pick Honey Farm, where folks from the city take a day in the beeyard to harvest their own s dangerous, hilarious, and is still the most popular cover Bee Culture has ever done
    • Bee Family Issues- mom and kids, dad and report cards, housekeeping chores, old folks at home, family values...
    • Workers...the most bees in the hive always seem to have the most problems...and cause the most trouble
    • And of course those bad boys the drones
    • Troubled bees never seem to get things right
    • All about the hive seems to be notorious for laughs
    • And beekeepers are a never ending source of interest
    • Mating and dating can be interesting...and sometimes rated pg13, just for fun
    • Holidays, even in a beehive are special
    • Then there all those spectacular covers...