3# Package Bees.  Our 3# Package Bees are live honeybees with a newly mated queen (caged separately inside the package box).  Package bees are a great way for a beekeeper to establish a new colony or replace a lost colony.  Because you are just getting the bees and the queen, these will work in almost any type of honeybee hive.  Our packages come from a beekeeping family in Northern California--they are treated for mites, shook from their commercial production hives, paired with a newly mated queen, packed with a jar of syrup, and loaded into a climate controlled truck. The drivers team drive the whole way to Colorado, so that the bees stay at a perfectly controlled temperature.  This ensures that your bees arrive safe, healthy, and happy. Package bees MUST be picked up on the designated pickup day...we absolute cannot hold your bees for you.  Please read the full product description.

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