Refund Policy for Live Bees

Thank you for your order.  We value our fellow beekeepers.   Whether you're a beginner beekeeper or a seasoned professional, we will work with you to ensure you receive quality bees.   Please trust that we will do everything in our power to assure your bees arrive in good health.

When you pick up your honeybees, you agree the quality of the bees is acceptable, all sales are final, and once you leave the store premises/pick up location, there are no refunds. We do not ship our bees.

Due to the many factors that are out of the control of Rocky Mountain Bee Supply, when you leave our premises with your honeybees/queens - you are now responsible for their care, and we do not offer a replacement guarantee. For package bees, we will inspect your queen with you before you leave.  Because it is important to us that you are successful, please call us immediately after you get your bee package home if you have an expired queen. We try to have a small number of replacement queens on hand for such an emergency and we will do our best to make a new one available to you within a 24-hour period.  You are responsible to pick up the new queen at the location you picked up your package.  We do not deliver or mail replacement queens. 

We do not refund any money for queen bees that fly away while introducing them to the hive.  If you have purchased a package of bees, please remember that your queen needs to stay inside her little cage attached to a middle frame for 24 to 72 hours so that she is accepted by the colony.  It is your responsibility to release the queen after this introduction period.  Please do not release her too early.

Customers who do not show up on their scheduled pickup date will forfeit their purchase. We cannot hold your package bees.  They must be picked up and hived on the delivery day you selected. We will make every attempt to contact you, but it is your responsibility to ensure we have accurate phone and email information. We cannot switch pickup dates for you, nor can we find another buyer for you.  If you find another buyer or designate another person to pick up your bees, you must notify us with the person’s name, email, and phone number at least two weeks before the pickup date.  They will be asked for identification before we turn the bees over to them. There are absolutely no refunds on package bees.

In the event we need to delay pick up due to extreme weather conditions, we will notify you via email. We can only go by the email you entered on your order.  It is your responsibility to make sure our messages do not go into a junk or spam folder—we have no control over that.  Please add our emails to your safe senders list or address book: and It is your responsibility to keep your voice mail box cleaned out so we can leave a message if we need to contact you by telephone.  We will also post updates on Facebook, our website, and our answering service with up-to-date information in case of delays or other important store information. 

While we understand that "life happens," and some beekeepers may need to cancel their order prior to pick-up, cancellation charges will be applied to cover our costs incurred in purchasing your bees, equipment, and supplies.

Cancellation fees prior to Mar 1st will be as follows:

$15.00 per 3# Package of bees

$20.00 per NUC

Cancellation fees after Mar 1st* will include:

$40.00 per 3# Package of bees*

$50.00 per NUC

*If you fail to show up and pick up your bees on package pick up day, you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND AT ALL.  Please remember that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to remember the pickup is in the description of the bees when you purchased them online.  WE DO NOT SEND OUT REMINDER EMAILS FOR THIS...IF YOU ARE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO OUR NEWSLETTER, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY REMINDERS TO PICKUP.  Package bees MUST BE HIVED because they are nearly out of food--we cannot hold them for you.  Please have a backup plan or backup person to come and get your bees if you cannot.  

Once you contact us requesting a cancellation, please allow 7 days for us to execute the process, and the funds to process into your account.

We have built a solid reputation for supplying quality bees; but we must provide the following disclaimers:

*    We reserve the right to change price or type of queen in our NUCs, or packages.

*    We do not grantee any behavior, or performance of the bees.

*    We cannot guarantee continued colony growth or your success as a beekeeper.

*    We cannot guarantee any statement of health, nor can we claim that our bees will be 100% free of pest hitchhikers such as varroa destructor mites. 

*    We cannot guarantee that your honeybees are free of pathogens or spores.  

*    We do not guarantee successful introduction of queens into packages/hives.

*     NUCs have been inspected multiple times for health and the laying pattern of the queen.  If you suspect your queen is missing, please check for fresh eggs in the cells to indicate she is indeed present.  If you have questions, contact us as soon as possible.

Your success as a beekeeper matters to us. Please reach out to us if you have questions concerning this information.