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Refund policy for live bees


Refund Policy

Live Bees: There are no refunds on live bees or queens. There are no refunds on packages or nucs after purchase. Because we make on-going non-refundable deposits with our suppliers to build packages and nucs, we cannot refund your money after purchase. We do our due diligence to inspect bee nucs, packages, and queen bees. Once they are in your possession, we assume no responsibility to exchange them or refund your money. You must pick up your bees on the delivery day you selected or make arrangements to have someone else pick them up. For the health of the bees, we cannot hold your package bees at all, nor can we hold nucs, or queens for extended periods of time and we assume no guarantees for their health or that they won't swarm. If you have an issue, please contact us and we will try to work with you within reason.
Pickup Day Changes: We reserve the right to change pickup dates for bees for the health and safety of the bees and to ensure that you receive quality bees from our supplier. Please know that the supplier's decisions and the weather are not in our control, and while we realize that this may be inconvenient, we cannot refund your money, switch dates with other customers, or re-sell your bees for you. If you have a conflict, we can arrange to have a beekeeper install your bees for you for a fee, if you are within a reasonable driving distance?
Classes: There is no refund on classes. Because we have varied instructors, we must pay them for their time. If you have an emergency, we will work with you to either get you into another class if it’s available, or give you a credit to take that class or another class at a later date, if available. This will be left up to the discretion of the instructor(s).
Protective Wear, hives, wooden ware, feeders and tools: if these items have been used or come into contact with your bees, we cannot issue a refund for the safety of other customers’ bees to avoid spread of diseases. We will only issue a refund if items are unused/clean and are accompanied by the receipt.
Bee feed and medications: there is no refund on bee feed to include dry pollen, pollen substitutes, patties, syrups, medications, or honey.
Inspection/Extraction Service: we do not issue refunds on inspection service that we or our employees/agents conduct. We issue refunds on extraction services only at the discretion of the store owner or manager in instances where we are unable to extract the honey due to crystallization, broken frames, green honey, or disease. We are NOT responsible for damaged/broken equipment brought in for extraction services.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.