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Learning Center

There are a ton of beekeeping resources available on the internet, social media, and books. Like you, we are avid readers and love to learn as much as we can about beekeeping and all the different activities associated. We have compiled a short list of resources that we think will be beneficial.

Online Recommended Resources: 

Apis Molecular Systematics Laboratory, Washington State Dept. of Entomology:  

Bee Diagnostic Lab — USDA Research:  

Bee Informed - Rob Snyder: 

Univeristy of Minnesota Bee Lab: 

Bee Source: 

Colorado State University (CSU) Extension on-line resources:

Colorado State University Publications:

Colorado State University Fact Sheets:

Colorado State University Cottage food safety training: 

CDA Apiary Program:

CDA Managed Pollinator Protection Plan: 


eXtension Bee Health:

Honey Bee Health Coalition: 

Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium: 

Scientific Beekeeping: 

University of Georgia College of Agriculture & Environmental Science: 

University of Nebraska – Lincoln Entomology Department: 

USDA Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology Research Lab: 

USDA Honey Bee Research, Beltsville, MD: 

USDA Honey Bee Research, Tucson, AZ: 

Varroa Sampling at

Virginia Cooperative Extension - Sampling Methods for Varroa Mites on Domesticated Honey Bees: 

Recommended Trade Journals

Regional and National Organizations:

Beekeeping Laws and Regulations:

Colorado Apiary Inspector:

Colorado State Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry

Colorado State Apiculturist, Mr. Mitchell Yergert,

Chief, Plant and Insect Section

700 Kipling St., Suite 4000,

Lakewood, CO 80215

(303) 239-4142

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Resources:

Apiary Fencing Configurations: