Find a Bee Club

Below is a list of Colorado beekeeping clubs that we know of. In beekeeping you will find that the learning never stops and finding a mentor or club can be a great help to anyone looking to get into beekeeping.  Much of what you learn about beekeeping is local. This isn’t simply a statement of geographic location. Even within a single garden, beekeepers can experience quite different things with their bees, so we encourage you to work with other beekeepers. 
  1. 4 Corners Beekeepers Association (4CBA) – Durango, CO
  2. Boulder County Beekeepers Association (BCBA) – Boulder, CO
  3. Brighton Beekeepers Club (BBC) – Brighton, CO
  4. Central Colorado Bee Group (CCBG) – Salida, CO
  5. (ECBA) – Strasburg, CO
  6. High Land Beekeeping Club (HLBKC) – Highlands Ranch, CO
  7. Mile Hive Bee Club(MHBC) – Denver, CO
  8. Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association (NCBA) – Loveland, CO
  9. (PCBA) – Pueblo, CO
  10. Southeast Beekeeping Club – Colorado – Beekeeping Club in the Parker Colorado Area
  11. Westminster Bee Club (WBC) – Westminster, CO
  12. DenverBee Club - Beekeeping and More (DB) – Denver, CO
  13. Pikes Peak Beekeepers (PPBA) – Colorado Springs, CO
  14. Western Colorado Beekeepers Association WCBA ( (WCBA) – Grand Junction, CO

If you are looking at this page and don't see your club on the list please contact us and we can get you added.