Thank you for your support during these difficult times. We have and will continue to be open to customers. We recommend that you use call ahead ordering. 

Consultation services

Consulting: Becoming a beekeeper is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. However, when you are just getting started, everything you need to learn can seem overwhelming. We are here to help and are available to work with you and your bees. We can help with basics such as proper use of your hive tools and equipment as well as how to conduct inspections. We can also help address specific problems such as dealing with an aggressive hive, assisting with diagnosing pest and disease issues, to evaluating the overall health of your hive. We can also walk you through more advanced techniques such as making a split, and marking or replacing a queen. We want you to feel comfortable when working with your bees and will be happy to work with you to answer all questions as well as give advice on treatment or management decisions.