Hive frames provide structural support for the honeycomb that honey bees draw out for egg and food storage. The frames and beeswax foundation are assembled together and placed in the hive body or super.

The honey bees will draw out the starter foundation, about one inch, with beeswax in a six sided cell format. The frames in the hive body can be left in the beehive for several years before they need to be replaced, and the frames and foundation can be cross wired for additional strength.

Beeswax-coated Plasticell and other plastic frames have become popular in recent years as an alternative to the traditional wooden frames and provide great results to all levels of beekeepers.

Wedge top bar frames have a removeable wedge that makes it easier to insert the foundation.  Once foundation is in place the wedge is put back and nailed or stapled.  Wedge top bar is recommended for wax foundation and Plasticell will also fit.

Grooved top bar frames don't move and work best with a rigid foundation such as Plasticell.