This swarm trap, designed by Rocky Mountain Bee Supply, constructed out of APA outside sheathing plywood, is the perfect 40 litre space that bee swarms seek out.  Holds five deep or medium langstroth frames.  Entrance hole can be adjusted with a plastic rotating disc with four options:  fully open, fully closed, queen excluder, and ventilated.  Top lid slides on and off easily.  Two ventilation holes.  Two metal eyelets on each end for stabilizing trap.  Wooden hanger is 15" from top of lid to allow trap to be hung where desired (At least 4 feet off of the ground is optimal).  Place swarm lure inside with some frames of brood comb to attract honeybee swarms.  Made by a local woodworker here in Colorado.  Needs to be painted to preserve the wood.  Frames and lure not included.  Box size:  L 21.5" x H 17" x W 11.5"  Hanger:  15".