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Honey Extraction

Honey Extraction: We are happy to provide honey extraction services for our fellow beekeepers. This service is ideal if you're just getting started and don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in an extractor that you will have to store throughout the year. As Dolly says “we save a lot of marriages” since you do not have to worry about getting your house all sticky. Just bring your honey supers and food grade buckets and let us do the work for you. We usually have less than a week turnaround time for extraction.

We have a fully furnished honey kitchen with state of the art equipment. Our kitchen is cleaned and re-set daily for each new extraction service. We will first run your frames through our Dakota Gunness chain uncapper. Our uncapper is finely adjusted to just open the wax cells without removing much wax at all. Once your frames are uncapped, they are placed in one of our Dadant 20 frame motorized extractors which will spin the honey out of your frames. We run the extractor for at least an hour, or until no more honey flings out. Once completed, we tilt the extractor up, open the honey gate and allow your honey to pour through a strainer into your 5 gallon, food grade bucket. The strainer will remove bee parts and wax pieces, while still letting the essential pollen pieces pass through with your honey. We will not apply any heat during the extraction process.

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply Honey Extraction Information Sheet

July 20—Oct 30, 2021

Please call to make an appointment to drop off:  719-375-5094.  Extractions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY DURING SEASON.  Our business hours are:  Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.  Fall hours will adjust. 

  • $40 for up to 20 medium frames. $ 1.25 per frame after that.
  • $50 for up to 20 deep frames. $ 2.50 per frame after that.
  • $5 charge per bucket/lid if we have to clean it before extraction.
  • $10 charge to remove residual live honeybees from tubs AND/OR cut out brood cells from frames.
  • $25 additional charge for escorted extraction with a staff member.
  • $25 additional charge per box for uncapping with a planer and reserving your wax cappings. You must provide a separate bucket with lid.


How to prep your frames for extraction:

  1. Please make sure honey is CAPPED on both sides of frame. We can extract uncapped frames, but it may ferment your honey. All customers must sign a waiver acknowledging the possibility of fermentation.
  2. Please remove ALL the bees from your frames. There is a $10 charge to remove excess live bees in tubs.
  3. Please make sure there is no brood in any of your frames. We will not extract frames with brood, mold, or wax moths in them.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Label your equipment with your last name: boxes and buckets and lids. 
  6. We do not extract frames that have wire and wax foundation as they tend to blow out in the extractor. We only extract frames with plastic foundation.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. We extract into ROUND food-grade 5-gallon buckets ONLY. You may provide your own 5-gallon food grade bottling bucket or you may purchase one from us.   Buckets must be no taller than 14.5”.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. We do a rough strain through two-tiered small and medium gauge strainers to remove wax pieces. WE DO NOT STRAIN THROUGH CHEESECLOTH.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. We do not jar your honey. We recommend you purchase a bucket with a honey gate for easier jarring.
  10. If requested, will check your honey with a refractometer and give you the reading upon pickup.
  11. Please secure your honey bucket in your vehicle from tipping over. We are NOT responsible for your honey once it leaves the store.

We do NOT heat your we like to give it overnight to drain down the sides of the tank so you get more of your honey.  Please make sure this will fit in your time budget.  We are not responsible for broken/damaged frames or boxes.  We do our best to be careful with your equipment and get it back to you in the same shape you delivered it. Depending on the viscosity of the honey, it can take from one to three days for an extraction…we do not guarantee a finish time. 

We can no longer preserve your wax cappings as we are using an uncapping machine that only perforates the wax cells.  If you would like us to uncap your honey using a traditional plane, please contact the manager for availability.  There is an additional charge per box to do this by hand and you must provide a separate bucket with lid for cappings.

Thanks for shopping with us!                                                                   

Lindsey Phillips, General Manager