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HiveIQ Premium Hive Tool

The most practical hive tool ever is now here!🎉Leonard's favorite! 

Don’t put up with cheap, poorly built equipment. Invest in our premium hive tool that delivers again and again.

What makes the premium hive tool different? Its been designed by 3rd generation commercial beekeepers that understand the value in high quality tools. They've prioritized strength and versatility so that you'll never need another hive tool, and comfort- so you can work long days without pain or irritation.

Designed by beekeepers for beekeepers; HiveiQ reinvented the best hive tool on the market.

Made from 420-grade stainless steel combining American and J-hook designs HiveiQ has  built a hive tool that does it all. Featuring a chiseled square blade and uniquely angled j-hook, the premium hive tools allows you to effortlessly crack, clean and handle your hives. 

A premium tool means premium comfort. This hive tool has tapered and polished steel edges so beekeepers can comfortably work long days without pain or irritation. Lightweight and sized to fit in your pocket you wont need another tool to get the job done.