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Flower Bee Feeder

Standard Liquid and Pollen Feeder.  Comes with Stem, Sugar Lake, Pistil, Flower Top, and Bottle. Hand Wash Only/Not Dishwasher Safe.  Assorted colors--let us choose one for you.

Assembly Directions.  <---- Click Here.

Springtime Feeding:  Mix equal parts of sugar and warm water and stir to dissolve...add one drop of lemongrass essential oil if you have it.    Place Super Bee Pollen substitute underneath the round cap of the flower on top of the bottle.  

Falltime Feeding:  Mix two parts sugar to one part warm water and stir to dissolve...add one drop of lemongrass essential oil if you have it.  Pollen substitute not recommended for fall feeding.

If you want to support your local agriculture and do your part to help supplement food for our bee population, check out these nifty little feeders.  They are a great conversation piece, as well as helps to educate people, plus they are just plain fun to watch.  Great if you'd like to distract bees from your hummingbird feeders.  It helps to keep the bees out of the hummingbird feeders and doesn't trap and kill the bees like hummingbird feeders do.  For beekeepers, this would be a useful tool to see when the nectar flows have hit or passed:  when you see bees actively on the feeder, then you know that you probably need to be feeding; if you don't see bees on the feeder, then it means that there is a nectar flow.

Stop using your feeder once the dandelions come out.   In the Fall & Winter you can feed them any day when it is above 50 degrees; they'll be out looking for food.  Please do not feed pollen substitute during the winter months.

While this may be fun for most people these are honey bees you will be attracting.  If you are allergic to bee stings this product isn't for you. 

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