SimplKomb 1 Frame Set

This pack includes 2 SimplKomb cassettes to install into 1 medium frame that you will then add to your honey super. 

  • 2 cassettes are needed for each frame.
  • Each cassette has 4 packages as pictured.
  • Cassettes are unwaxed, you will need to wax (not included)before installation.
  • Once your bees fill them up and cap them, you will have 8 individual packages of honeycomb! Each roughly 5.5 ounces.

Honey comb is a very natural way to consume honey as it is not processed at all and comes straight out of your hive.

Please measure your frames before ordering. SimplKomb is designed to fit the inside window of standard medium slotted frames with a 17" x 5-1/4" space on the inside of the top, bottom and side bars.

Need some beeswax? We sell pure Colorado Beeswax in smaller quantities so you can use just what you need:  Beeswax Melters or Beeswax Crayons.

Instructions & Videos for SimplKomb are on their website:  SimplKomb Instructions For Use

We prepared ours like this: RMBS Video Preparing SimplKomb Frames 

Installing the cassettes into the frames:  Installing Cartridges

Additional Installation Video: