Ross Round Kit

8 Comb Sections Round Section Super is shipped assembled. It fits 10 frame equipment. (Purchase foundation separately.) Insert shallow size wax foundation sheets between section half frames, and place super on the bees. Kit contains instruction booklet, wooden super, 8 cartridges with plastic rings, pressure board, and three metal pressure springs.  Ross Rounds Round Section Equipment & Supplies are designed to make comb honey section production easy and profitable for the beekeeper. The Ross Round Comb Honey System is the best comb honey system on the market. Not only is it the best, its the easiest to use and will produce the nicest most consistent comb honey.  

Replacement plastic rings inserts for cartridges can be purchased separately…the rings inserts pop out with the comb honey into the clear covers, so each time you prepare the cartridges to reuse, you will need to replace the plastic rings.

 Ship wt. 15 lbs.

(Additional items not sold with kit:  Ross Round Clear covers, Ross Round Honey Labels, Wax Sheets 1 lb)