RMBS Vent U Veil Suit


Keep cool with this heavy duty ventilated beekeeping suit that protects you from stings as you work your bees.  Made of 65%/35% Polyester /Cotton with a 3-Layer mesh that keeps out the stingers.  Made with heavy duty brass YKK zippers, reinforced Velcro plackets, and reinforced elastic sleeve and ankle cuffs (also with zippers and stirrups for easier access and stability) keeps bees in the yard and out of your clothes. Four roomy pockets for gear and thumb loops to prevent sleeves from wadding up while putting your gloves over them.  Hanging loop for storage. U veil* (also known as a fencing veil or a hooded veil).

Care:  Detach veil and hand wash separately in unscented detergent.  Suit: Machine wash cool with unscented detergent, no bleach, tumble dry low heat or line dry. 

Storage:  Store your beekeeping jackets or suits where the wire in your veils will not become mis-shapen...either hang them up or fold them flat.  The wire keeps the veil away from your face, so make sure it doesn't become bent or damaged during storage.

*Most beekeepers opt to wear a baseball style cap underneath a U-Veil style jacket or suit to keep the veil further away from the face.

There are no returns on protective wear once the customer leaves the store or the items are shipped out.  Please make sure that you order the correct size. 

WARNING:  The veils, gloves, jackets, and suits that we sell are protective from bee and other insect stings when properly used.  They are NOT warranted to be sting proof or guaranteed to prevent access to the body by bees or other insects.  They are intended to aid in the prevention of stings, and we make no warranty otherwise.