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Pollen Patty Brood Builder w/ HBH

Brood Builder Patty with Honey B Healthy is a superior pollen substitute providing your bees more protein with all the amino acids, vitamins and lipids they need. With Honey B Healthy added as a feeding stimulant, patties are readily accepted by the bees and stimulates your queen to lay.  A convenient way to provide your bees with the protein they need. We recommend 1 patty per hive in the springtime on top of the frames or on top of the inner cover (do not cover up the hole).  Wrapped in wax paper--you do not need to remove it.  Extra patties may be stored in the freezer until ready to use.   Not recommended for fall/winter feeding.  Please see AP23 Winter Patties for winter feeding. Shipping weight is 1 lb. per patty.

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