10 Frame Plastic Hive Top Feeder

This is our top selling feeder for 10 frame hives and our customers consider it one of the best feeders on the market at the best price. 

It is made from an extremely durable hard, white and seamless plastic. It won’t leak or warp and is almost unbreakable (it would take a lot to break this feeder). It holds one gallon of liquid feed and sits on top of the inner cover in the hive.

Place the bottom hole of the feeder on top of the oval hole of the inner cover. Then surround the feeder with either a western (6 5/8”) super or shallow (4 5/8”) super to hold the top of your hive (any top of your choice). Your bees will enter the feeder through the bottom from the round hole. Once through the hole, they will travel up a cone that has ridges on the sides allowing the bees to move up and down the cone without falling off. A durable plastic cup covers the cone which allows for the bees to eat the feed from a smaller area while at the same time protecting them from the rest of the syrup in the feeder. As the bees eat, the liquid feed flows from the outer edges of the feeder to under the plastic cup.  It also comes with a clear plastic lid for extra protection for your feed. 

It measures 15.5” long x 13” wide x 3” tall and only fits on 10 frame hives. 

Benefits of using this feeder:

  • Easy access to fill; don’t need to crack open the hive or disturb the cluster.
  • Very inexpensive compared to other hive top feeders on the market.
  • Extremely durable; won’t leak or break.
  • Ready-to-use; doesn’t need to be painted.
  • Keeps bee deaths to a minimum.

One pitfall of using this feeder:

  • It is hard for the bees to get to the feeder in colder weather so we reccomend using in regions where the night-time temperature doesn’t reach below 50 degrees F.