Honey B Gone

Makes Harvesting Your Honey Quick & Convenient!


  • 8oz comes with a high mist pump sprayer
  • 16oz comes with trigger sprayer
  • Made of natural oils
  • Non-harmful to bees when used as directed
  • For use with a fume board (sold separately)


    If you’ve had trouble finding a bee repellant that works efficiently and effectively, this Honey-B-Gone repellent is your product. This 100% natural repellent has no nasty odors usually associated with bee repellents and won’t leave your bees disoriented or distressed. Using the adjustable sprayer, you can use only as much as you need, and you’ll be able to gather your honey in no time. After more than three years of testing and development, Honey-B-Gone is excited to give beekeepers a safe, natural solution to their honey harvesting needs.

    This innovative repellent works excellent with our fume boards. For the suggested method for application:  simply give 6 to 7 spritzes over the felt on the inside of the fume board and place directly over the honey super you wish to harvest.  Best to do during warm, sunny weather above 70 degrees. Within in 5 to 10 minutes, the bees will push down out of the super to the box below and then you may remove the super off of the hive.  Will not harm your honey or your bees when used as directed. MADE IN THE USA.


    8oz Bottle or 16oz Bottle
    Weight .5 lbs
    Dimensions 8 × 1.75 × 1.75 in