Hive IQ USA Kit


Hive IQ's Insulated Hives are the solution to helping bees thermoregulate the hive's temperature in both COLD and HOT weather in Colorado. R-Value=7

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Insulation really matters in Colorado!

Colorado's varied micro-climates can have a roller-coaster effect on the inside temperature of your hives. Keeping warm in winter and cool in summer takes energy (honey) and honeybees (Heater bees) assigned to the task of maintaining the temperature. The better insulated the beehive, the less honey and less honeybees are required.  

Honeybees are the masters of climate control in their hives, and they need to be. Maintaining brood temperature at a substantial 93°-97°F (34°-36°C) is critical for honeybee colonies to rear brood and survive and flourish as a colony. 

Wild honeybees choose to live in the hollows of large trees and logs because they provide a large protective thermal mass, reducing the amount of energy required to maintain the hive’s climate.

In contrast, most domesticated colonies are housed in fabricated timber hives with a typical wall thickness of less than an inch offering very little insulation against the outside elements...The thin walls of standard hives, made from boards less than an inch thick, have an R-value of less than 1.

The insulation is further decreased when the timber becomes waterlogged during damp cold winters leading to the rapid consumption of honey stores, winter clustering, and susceptibility to diseases such as Nosema and Chalk brood. 

Thermally superior by design

EPS beehives help you keep more productive bees… With more than six times the insulation value of a standard wooden beehive, The HiveIQ beehive provides an environment more akin to living in a large hollow tree with a large thermal protective mass. 

The excellent thermal performance of the HiveIQ EPS beehive provides a healthy environment for honeybees all year round. It keeps the colony dry and warm throughout winter and cool, productive and healthy throughout summer. 

R-7 Rated: 1.6 inch thick solid EPS hive top and walls prevents heat loss and heat radiating into the hive during hot weather.  

Recessed queen excluder enables a perfect seal between the brood box and second box.

The ventilated floor allows the colony to manage airflow, humidity in the hive. 

The interlocking design includes the queen excluder to ensure a perfect seal between hive bodies and frames eliminating hot or cold drafts and prevents water entering the hive.

The interlocking design between hives ensures a perfect seal between hive bodies, frames eliminating hot or cold drafts and prevents water entering the hive.

THIS PRODUCT IS FOR STORE PICKUP ONLY! If you would like to have this product shipped to you, please contact the store at: charges will be calculated and invoiced separately.

The Three Story HiveIQ Beehive Kit includes all of the components required to create a three story beehive, except for frames, foundation, and glue. (Frames are sold separately.  Each deep box will hold 9 standard deep Langstroth frames; each medium box will hold 9 standard medium Langstroth frames.) This kit is supplied flat packed (unassembled) and includes:

2 x 9 Frame Full Depth Beehive Body (Deep Boxes)

1 x 9 Frame Medium Beehive Body (Medium Box)
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Bottom  
       - 2 x NFC Tags
       - 1 x Stamped Floor Vent
       - 1 x Hive Entrance
       - 1 x Blanking Plate

1 x 9 Frame Beehive Top
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Top Cover
1 x 9 Frame Metal Queen Excluder



BOX DIMENSIONS 23" X 19.5" X 16"


We recommend using a water proof wood glue such as Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue on the hive bodies and a roof/gutter silicon to attach the metal top to the top cover.

Its super important to use an exterior grade roof and guttering silicon for the metal hive top.  Be sure to apply a generous amount on the full length of the lid including through the middle section and clamp or weight it down straight until cured. Silicon works best because it is flexible and can withstand extreme cold and hot so won’t lose its bond.

You will need to supply the following tools and supplies (not included in the kit) to complete the assembly:
  • Phillips screwdriver or battery screw gun / drill and a standard Phillips screwdriver bit Exterior grade, water based, acrylic paint Painting gear (roller, paint brush or airless spray gun) do not have to paint these, but you can.
  • Water resistant, exterior grade general purpose adhesive to secure the Hive Entrance Latches into the Hive Base Body.
  • Adhesive and caulking gun to install the pressed metal hive top cover onto the lid, we recommend a roof/gutter silicon.
  • 18 standard deep Langstroth frames  and 9 standard medium Langstroth frames.(sold/shipped separately).

Manufactured in Australia.