Hive IQ Pollen Collection System

The HiveIQ Pollen Collection System is a beekeeping tool designed to help collect and study pollen from bee hives.* It has an easy to use handle to operate the pollen collector, reducing disruption to the hive. The system includes a tray that fits onto the varroa boards at the bottom of the hive base for easy collection. It's made with durable materials for longevity and is easy to install and use.

Will only work on Hive IQ Hive Base (Bottom Board) (Will not work on other bottom boards!) and is installed easily by removing the metal plate on your existing Hive IQ Base and installing the system.  It comes with the moveable flap door trap that is easy to open and close, and the metal collection tray. See our Hive IQ 3 Deep Hive Kits.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE:  When using this type of pollen trap (or any other type of pollen trap) it is very important to only leave it open and collect pollen no more than 1 or 2 days a week...constantly keeping and trapping the pollen will starve your baby bees of much needed bee bread (pollen mixed with honey) and your colony will fail to expand.  ALSO:  you must collect and empty your pollen trap daily...pollen is subject to mold if it is not removed and dehydrated or frozen immediately after collection.