Hive IQ Beehive Stand

The HiveIQ 2 Beehive Stand provides hobbyist with all of the features and functionality provided in the commercial hive pallet system, holding two Hive IQ beehives per stand. 

It includes all the features of the professional range including the pollen collector chute and receptacle, fold out legs to raise the beehive height to a comfortable working height. The legs adjust independently so it can adapt better to uneven ground. It is powder coated and solid for years of use with pressed metal. They are designed for all types of fork lifts, bobcats or mini loaders. 

Raised hive height:  The use of folding legs on the Hive IQ beehive pallet and beehive stand raises hive height to a comfortable working height, minimizing repetitive bending, reducing fatigue and injury to the beekeeper.