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Gloves Youth

Getting your children excited about beekeeping is a wonderful opportunity to engage in an activity the whole family can enjoy. It is also a great way to create an interest in a hobby that can be passed along to the next generation.

We have found that some children are hesitant about getting near honeybees let alone work inside a hive. Many of them are concerned about getting stung. To help alleviate some of this concern, we recommend to make sure your kids are suited up properly which includes a good pair of gloves for protection.

The hand and wrist area of our youth beekeeping gloves are made from high quality, flexible goat skin. The sleeves are made from a thick, durable canvas. The top of the sleeves are secured with elastic so that bees are not able to crawl in. The sleeves normally pass to right above the elbow but could also come slightly below the elbow depending on the size of glove and how long your children’s lower arms are.

These gloves are sure to put your kids more at ease while working with your bees. 


It can be difficult to determine the correct size for your children to wear. To help you determine this, we recommend to use the following guidelines:

  1. Measure the circumference of your child’s hand.  Wrap a measuring tape around their dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding their thumb.
  2. Measure the length of your child’s hand from the base of their palm to the tip of their middle finger.
  3. Use the chart to determine what size of gloves you should purchase for your kids.
  4. If you find that the measurement is right near a cutoff, we recommend to go with the smaller size as leather tends to stretch. This is a guideline only, the numbers reflected above are not exact.  




Youth Small 5 to 6 5 to 5.5
Youth Medium 6 to 6.5 5.5 to 6
Youth Large 6.5 to 7 6 to 6.5