Gabba Gabba Naturals Soap


All-Natural Beeswax & Honey Soaps:  made with beeswax and honey from their bee hives.  All bars are hand made and hand cut in the Colorado mountains.

Some of our ingredients and why:

OLIVE OIL (organic)-known for skin moisturizing and nourishing properties, extremely gentle, great for sensitive skin.  Makes a creamy lather.

COCONUT OIL (organic)-contain antioxidants that helps decrease skin's aging, it softens and is soothing to chapped skin.  It is very cleansing and makes lots of bubbles...

PALM OIL (ethically sourced)-refreshes the skin, helps to maintain elasticity, helps skin to glow and shine.

CASTOR OIL-helps skin to retain moisture and boosts lather.

BEESWAX (local)-helps make the soap emollient and creates a harder bar of soap; thus, it lasts longer.

HONEY (local, raw)-boosts the lather and provides moisturizing benefits.

ESSENTIAL OILS-natural, plant based, can have therapeutic benefits.

SODIUM HYDROXIDE-used for the saponification process to turn oil into soap, none remains in the finished product.

NEVER any colorings used!