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Flat Top Horizontal Long Hive

Horizontal Long Hives are Langstroth-type hives, except that instead of separate boxes stacked vertically, this hive is one long box (the equivalent of three deep hive bodies )  on legs to reduce backstrain.  Built for beekeepers who do not want to lift and move heavy boxes, this hive accepts 31 standard deep langstroth frames (not included).  Engineered specifically for Colorado beekeepers, this is the nicest horizontal long hive you will see on the market. Built with double the insulation of a standard hive body, this hive helps the bees maintain temperatures with less effort in summer and winter.  Specifically designed to work with most Langstroth equipment, the Rocky Mountain Bee Supply Flat Top Horizontal Long Hive will accept standard deep frames, quilt boxes, candy boards, feeders, and allow for oxalic acid treatment wands.  To inspect, the hinged lid is lifted from the front and held in place by a metal bar.  Inner cover slats are removed only on the frames the beekeeper wishes to work, eliminating the need to move around heavy boxes. 3 fully adjustable hive entrances with rough sawn cedar landing boards.  Hive walls are constructed of #1 grade 2x12 pine for extra insulation and durability.  Bottom of hive features two fully adjustable sliding screened ventilation panels.  Hive top allows room for internal feeders, quilt boxes, or candy boards.  Three ventialtion holes at each end allow for full cross ventialtion throughout the hive.  Removeable inner cover slat boards allow for pointed access to the frames you want to work with, with ventilated slats for airflow and for bees to access internal feeders. Closure device to keep lid from being blown open by the wind.  Flat roof includes 1" Foil Faced rigid insulation and pre-finished aluminum covering to protect the top and shield it from the elements. Two coats of premium latex white paint with primer, mold, and UV resistance.  Copyright 2021, Rocky Mountain Bee Supply LLC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Dimensions:  Height:  40.25"  Length: 51"  Depth:  24"

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