Bucket Bee Raft 5gal

Bucket Bee Raft Instructions

This is the easiest and fastest way to feed sugar water to thriving colonies. Simply put sugar water into a prepared bucket and set the Bucket Bee Raft in place with the grooves up. This is not only a great way to feed bees but it’s also great for watering bees as well. 

Bucket preparation:

Scuff the inside of the bucket to be used with a piece of sandpaper. Scuff inside from the top of the bucket to the bottom using a motion parallel to the top and bottom of the bucket to remove all glossiness. This gives the bees a better footing as they maneuver the bucket.

Special Instructions:

1.  Place the bucket a minimum of 50 FEET OR MORE AWAY from your hives...any closer and you could create a robbing situation in your yard.  

2. When open feeding below an outside temperature of 80 F, we recommend heating the sugar water from 85 F to 95 F. This prevents the bees from becoming lethargic having filled themselves with cold liquid in a cold environment. Based on our findings, we do not recommend open feeding below an outside temperature of 70 F.
3. When feeding, once bees cover the Bee Raft so that it’s not visible, another feeding station should be provided.

 Watch the Video: