Beeswax Melters


Our Rocky Mountain Bee Supply 100% pure beeswax melters are a convenient way to quickly melt wax for smaller projects such as tea light or smaller candle molds, lip balms, soaps, and encaustic art.  Comes in a resealable bag to keep unused wax clean and dust free.  Made from pure Colorado beeswax.  Comes in tiny pastilles or larger bonbons or bars sizes for easier melting. 8 oz. bag.

Shipping beeswax:  beeswax can and will melt in higher temperatures and can become brittle and break in freezing temperatures.  It can still be used; however, it may lose it's original shape than when it was packaged.  We are not responsible for wax that may arrive melted, or broken.  Please be aware of temperatures that may fluctuate when ordering beeswax to be shipped from Colorado to warmer or colder climates.  NO RETURNS on shipped beeswax.