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Bee Cozy Hive Wrap

Help your bees thermoregulate during winter with a Bee Cozy hive wrap.  These wraps, available in both 10 and 8 frame sizes provide extra insulation for bees who must overwinter in cold climates.  Bee Cozy hive wraps help the bees keep a more stable ambient temperature inside the hive even in sub-freezing tempratures.   Wrap your hives with this plastic/ insulation hive wrap cut to fit standard 10-frame or 8-frame two story hives.  Place one or two nails or screws above the entrance of your bottom box to keep the cozy from slipping and covering the entrance...they still need fresh air and to get out and potty on warmer days!  Slip the cozy over the two deep hive bodies and rest assured that super cold temperatures won't play a factor in their survival.  We strongly recommend using a quilt box in Colorado to remove excess moisture from your hives during long cold spells.  Quilt boxes are sold separately.

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