Apimaye Ergo PLUS Single Brood Box Set

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Ergo PLUS White Single Brood Box Beehive Set

The original Apimaye Single Brood Box Beehive set is the base for all the Ergo PLUS Apimaye beehives. This set features insulated box, screen bottom board with pollen trap, queen excluder, top feeders, and 2 division boards.


New beekeepers who start beekeeping by buying package bees or nucs (Short for nucleus colonies). Bees will build the combs and fill it up with honey and brood in about 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind that it is difficult to maintain the colony in a single box hive. The colony will swarm when it get strong and congested.

We recommend you buy an additional Ergo Deep Super (Sold Separately), an additional Ergo Medium Super(Sold Separately), and frames (Sold Separately). Colorado best beekeeping practices recommend over-wintering in 2 deep boxes. 

Product Notes 

  • Superior summer performance in extreme summer heat since white is the most reflecting color.
  • Frames and foundation sold separately. 10 Frames are required to fill out the box.
  • Entrance color choices are purely for aesthetics, but if you have a large apiary with Apimaye hives, we'd suggest you mix and match the entrance colors to make it easier for the bees :) 


  • Insulated hive top cover
  • Top feeders included 2 Half Feeders (1 gallon capacity)
  • 1 White insulated deep brood box
  • Screened bottom board with pollen trap and drawer
  • Multi functional slot
  • Division/uniting board
  • Queen excluder
  • 2 Frame spacers
  • Side latches and handles