ANEL Ventilated Bottom Board

Anel Ventilated Bottom Board is made from durable materials and fits perfectly on the ANEL insulated hive boxes.  A complete Anel hive can be created with insulated hive boxes, feeder, propolis trap, and insulated top.

Anel Bottom Board Features

  1. What are the advantages of a ventilated plastic bottom board?
    • Bees can keep the hive clean very easily.
    • When applying treatments for varroa the parasites fall down under the hive thus treating the hive more effectively.
    • Ventilation means less humidity.
  2. Amazing strength, fit for tough use.
  3. With five points for hive body stabilization.
  4. With bases of special non-slip material, screwed to the bottom, so that the hives do not slip during transportation by truck and the bases remain attached.
  5. Includes two reversible entrance reducers
  6. Can be connected with the hive body in four different ways:
    • With adjustable front and rear fasteners (sold separately)
    • With wire fasteners right and left.
    • Screw-in. With special connectors so that the bottom can be screwed permanently on the hive body thus transforming into a brood chamber with non-detachable bottom board.
    • With attachment straps which can be removed after beehive placement to discourage thieves.

Dimensions:  21" x 16/5" x 4/5"

Weight: 4 lbs.