ANEL Top Cover

Double walled with the gap filled with polyurethane foam insulation. • With 4 ventilation plugs • With feeding plug on top • RFID chip that you can monitor with the ANEL app. Unmatched impact strength and load support. • Anti-slip surface to prevent hives from slipping during transportation. • 4 points of attachment at the front, back and the sides (adjustable or wire type). • Resistant to chemicals (caustic potash, oxalic acid, formic acid, bleach etc.). If you use ventilated bottom boards, the hive has adequate ventilation even without ventilation caps.


The ANEL-app is a complete digital tool with which you can record and track the progress of your beekeeping business from mobile and computer.

It consists of:

1. Download the ANEL-mapp application to your mobile phone

2. Register as a user

3. Input your apiary/-ies

4. Scan the ANEL BEEHIVE ID and state hive number

5. Press RECORDING on the phone and just start talking, your mobile records what you say by filtering only your speech

  • Log in to the ANEL-web app and transfer any of the recording data you consider important in the information for each individual hive
  • The system retains all previous records

6. On the next visit to your apiary, just scan the ANEL BEEHIVE ID of a hive and you will be presented with the previous visit and the recording process will start automatically.

Dimensions: 22 × 18 × 4 in

Weight: 3 lbs.