A-Z Beekeeping with the Slovenian Hive

This is the ad free version. AZ hive is not a miracle hive, one more from many. It is proven and survived concept from the country with old beekeeping tradition, from the country that gave first governmental beekeeping teacher in the Central Europe and that had live contacts over the ocean with exchange of beekeeping experts as well involvement in main spread of well know Carniolan bee. The original hive design was developed during direct experience with the American way of beekeeping at the end of 19th century, but slowly introduced at the beginning of 20th century. It overrode all other concept and with some new innovations is staying well alive also between Slovenian professional beekeepers. The book is a result of old wish to describe Slovenian way of beekeeping and finally encouraged by urgent need of modern adopters from USA. It was long time ago that I prepared simple description with some drawings of Slovenian AZ hive at University web pages. From time to time some contacted me for additional explanation. Until recently I didn’t have enough courage to focus on writing a comprehensive book or at list booklet that could help beekeepers that understand English, to try with Slovenian way of beekeeping. Actually two beekeepers from USA, Suzanne and Mark started with our hives nearly independently and close one to each other. One with previous leaving experience in Slovenia, the other with ancestors in Slovenia, both fell in love with Slovenia first, and later recognized special beauty of Slovenian way of beekeeping. Both approached to help in their future endower. Mark soon came with idea that early adopters of AZ hive will need some kind of user guide. So we had several meetings when he visited Slovenia and made master plan. That was how this book started to become basic help for nowadays beekeepers that want to use a hive that enables them farther enjoyment regardless of obstacles that arrives with aging or other reasons.You will be able to find basic information how the hive looks like and how to start beekeeping in Slovenian way. My special emphases is on a bee house which I count for a beekeeper as a “bee chapel”. Our hives are very suited for such arrangements. I have written above statements without my American friend William Blomstedt, who helped out to put my thoughts in readable English. You might remember him from reading his beekeeping articles from his experience with beekeeping around the World, also Slovenia. Special thanks to William and all who encouraged me and helped in preparing this second edition!