Beekeeper Classes: Beekeeping on the Front Range requires a mix of art and science. Beekeepers are life-long learners that continuously refine their craft and hone their skills. We offer a wide range of classes to support the novice to advanced beekeeper. Our class schedule coincides with the bee season as it progresses. We offer our basic 6hr “brass tacks” course in late Fall through to early Spring. Throughout the summer we provide more advanced classes that include pest management with an emphasis on the varroa destructor mite, hive management classes to include hive splitting, queen rearing, and how to make money in beekeeping. We also provide seasonal classes such as overwintering, and honey harvesting. Our classes are designed to equip you with the concepts, knowledge, and best management practices needed to successfully keep honeybees.

Consulting: Becoming a beekeeper is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. However, when you are just getting started, everything you need to learn can seem overwhelming. We are here to help and are available to work with you and your bees. We can help with basics such as proper use of your hive tools and equipment as well as how to conduct inspections. We can also help address specific problems such as dealing with an aggressive hive, assisting with diagnosing pest and disease issues, to evaluating the overall health of your hive. We can also walk you through more advanced techniques such as making a split, and marking or replacing a queen. We want you to feel comfortable when working with your bees and will be happy to work with you to answer all questions as well as give advice on treatment or management decisions.

Honey Extraction: Bring your drawn out frames to us and we will do all the work for you. No messes, no clean-up, and no reason to store bulky expensive equipment all year. Make an appointment, drop off you’re drawn out frames, and we will call you when your honey is ready for pick-up. It’s that easy. See our Honey Extraction information sheet for full details and requirements. Our dedicated honey kitchen is fully set up with state of the art, stainless steel equipment, and is cleaned on a regular basis.

Pollination: We provide pollination services through our sister company Rocky Mountain Beekeepers.This is a combined family beekeeping operation between the Phillips and Rickerman families. We provide pollination services for several large scale farms, orchards, and ranches throughout the State of Colorado. We maintain high quality of standards in our bees and beehives. All of our beehives have a working queen, plenty of brood, strong frame count, and are provided as double-deep hives. We can greatly enhance the pollination of your field or orchard. Contact us to discuss our pollination service terms and agreements. We lease hives either for the duration of crop in bloom for pollination or for honey production.