Formic Pro Strips 2 Dose Pack

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Formic Pro comes in easy-to-use strips that are specially formulated with the active ingredient: formic acid. This organic acid penetrates the brood cap, targeting mites where they reproduce and protecting baby bees when they’re most vulnerable. Designed to be used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program, follow the special precautions for safe and effective use.

2 Dose Pack contains 4 strips.

Watch the Formic Pro application video to learn about how it works and the two treatment options.

Treatment Guidelines & Instructions

Read the full instructions to get the best results from your Formic Pro treatment.

  • Learn about the two application options: 14-day and 20-day treatments
  • Get all the info on Formic Pro labels, and download the product SDS, organic certificate and field guide
  • Formic Pro Application Best Practices