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Apiguard Mite Pack

Apiguard Mite Pack :  1 foil tin (2 tins needed for a full treatment per hive)
    • A slow release thymol gel.
    • A natural treatment with efficacy rates ranged from 85% to 95% and an overall average of 93% even after thousands of treatments.
    • Ease of use: 2 x 50 gm treatment trays per hive, with an interval of 14 days, in summer just after the honey flow.  You need two tins to do a full treatment.
    • Foil tin contains 1 - 50gm treatments

For more information on Apiguard, how to use it, and FAQs, please visit:

Our recommendation:  peel back foil to expose the gel, but don't peel it all the way off.  Place one tin on top of the frames (off center) in between the two deep brood boxes. In 14 days, replace the tin with the second tin for an additional 14 days.  Apiguard doesn't work well in average temperatures below 60 degrees (it will crystallize) so it needs to be used during the warmer temperatures of the season.

For colder weather treatments, we recommend Oxalic Acid or ApivarStrips.

We can only ship to the United States where it is registered and approved.

California requires a Grower's ID that is issued by the Agriculture Commissioner. It does not require any testing by the individual. It is available to everyone. Please include it in the comments with your order.


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