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10 Frame Traditional Expanding Kit

This 10 frame hive kit is made locally here in Colorado and consists of a screened bottom board with a melamine slide out blocker board, wooden entrance reducer, 2 deep hive bodies with 10 frames per box, one medium super with with 10 frames, an inner cover and a white metal telescoping top cover. (Stand sold separately).  The hive comes fully assembled...the boxes are assembled using staples.  Frames come assembled with wax coated foundation.  This hive will need to be painted with any indoor/outdoor latex paint or have several coats of tung oil applied to it to preserve the wood.  Only exposed parts of the hive need painting...the inside of the boxes, the frames, and the inner cover are not painted as the bees prefer the unpreserved wood on the inside.  This is an excellent hive for the price and with proper painting or application of tung oil, will give the beekeeper many years of use.