Paw & Nose Balm

Great for you or your furry friends!  Designed for mushing dogs, this ultra moisturizing balm protects and nourishes paws and noses from cold, wind, and sun damage.  Also great for their humans, too!  Moisturize your lips and hands and keep them soft and supple.  Great for treating eczema and chronic dry skin or for those who need to keep working hands from cracking and chafing.   

Made with grass-fed beef tallow, shea butter, coconut oil, Colorado pure beeswax, and calendula oil.   1.5 ounces in a twist up dispenser.

Apply to affected areas two to three times daily and/or before and after exposure to sun, cold, and wind. Great for keeping cuticles from splitting and cracking:  apply after bathing or showering or before doing a manicure.