OHB Carniolan Queens

Carniolan Queens produced by Olivarez Honey Bees. Bred for honey production, wintering ability, temperament, brood diseases, tracheal mite resistance, varroa tolerance and resistance, these are some of the nicest queens you can get. Queens are mated and marked for the 2019 season.  Carniolans are known for their winter hardiness, rapid spring buildup, and exceptional honey production. They show excellent resistance to tracheal mites and are great comb builders. OHB has several sources for instrumentally inseminated breeder queens. The queens produced from these breeders are open-mated with all of our stock for genetic diversity and hybrid vigor. PICK UP ONLY--WE DO NOT SHIP THESE QUEENS.  NO REFUNDS ON QUEENS.  NOTICE:  WE NEED 24 TO 48 HOURS BEFORE YOU PICKUP YOUR QUEEN AT THE STORE SO WE CAN PULL HER FROM OUR QUEEN BANK.
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