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Live Online E-Learning Varroa Destructor Mite Class, Saturday, April 10, 2021 10 am 12 pm.

Join Dann Purvis, Master Beekeeper, for an in-depth class on varroa destructor mite management and treating your honeybees with oxalic acid and thymol...this class will show you how to medicate your honeybees using organic methods that will help you develop into a successful beekeeper, not just a bee-haver. If you have honeybees, you have varroa mites. How do you effectively manage your mite loads without using caustic medications? Learn how in this informative E-Learning Class.  As always, Dann's classes are followed by a beekeeper's Q & A session.


Students will be invited to the class via e-mail.  Please make sure that you provide us with a correct e-mail.  

Venue:  ZOOM Online E-Learning

Prerequisite:  None

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

The class will be streamed via ZOOM.  You must have high speed internet or a smart phone to access the class either with the provided link or one of the provided phone numbers.  Please log into the class ten minutes prior to class starting so that we may take roll call.

Please log into the class ten minutes prior to class starting so that we may take roll call.

Please mute your mic unless asking a question.  You may also text questions to the instructor during the class.


Your Instructor:  Dann Purvis, Purvis Bees Inc.  is a Master Beekeeper and Queen Breeder.  Dann's former operation out of Georgia produced the Goldline Queens...known all over as the best queen a beekeeper could have.  These queens that Dann developed were patented as disease resistant, gentle, and high honey producers.  Through AI, Dann and his four sons developed one of the greatest genetics in honeybees in the United States.  Dann has lectured all over the world and in Congress about the plight of the honeybee.  Retired now, Dann lives in Colorado Springs with his lovely wife Rose.  He is available for teaching, private mentorships, and consults.  Please see our homepage for his contact information.


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