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10 Frame Deluxe 2 Deeps Kit

Our Colorado Deluxe 2 Deeps Hive Kit comes with one assembled and painted solid bottom board with wooden entrance reducer, two 9-5/8" assembled and painted deep hive bodies, twenty 9-1/8" assembled wooden frames with Perma Dent foundation, one inner cover, and one painted telescoping top cover with silver galvanized metal top.

*Colorado requires two deep hive bodies for overwintering bees.

Our Deluxe Boxes:  all of our deluxe boxes are precisely cut on a C&C machine with a reinforced lip and assembled with decking screws to handle years of wear and tear.  They are primed with a quality white outdoor latex paint.  They can be repainted with any quality indoor/outdoor latex paint that you choose.  We recommend light and pastel colors as honeybees see most dark colors as black.