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Brass Tacks Basic Beekeeping Class Saturday, March 14, 2020 Time: 9 am to 3 pm


This is a six hour class (30 minute break midway) designed to get you through your first year of beekeeping here in Colorado.  Designed for the beginner, this is an overview of basic bee biology, equipment, installing your bees into your hive, feeding, hive inspections, predators, pests/diseases, honey harvest, etc.  Please bring note-taking materials and a camp chair to sit in, and your lunch.   If you'd like, you can leave for lunch,  No small children please.  Instructors:   Leonard Rickerman, & Dolly Rickerman

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply

24 S. Walnut St.

Colorado Springs, CO  80905


Parking:  Please park in the RMBS parking lot or the north end of the Denver Omelette.  DO NOT PARK in the four spaces next to the 64 Store.  They will tow you.

No refunds:  please call us if you have an emergency.  We can try to reschedule you in an alternate class.

Leonard and Dolly Rickerman have been keeping bees on the Front Range for well over a decade.  A family business, we have several bee yards that we run for honey production, pollination services, nuc production, and queen rearing.  This class is designed to give beginners a very basic overview of beekeeping here in Colorado.  Rocky Mountain Bee Supply is dedicated to the success of hobbyist beekeepers and the passion for beekeeping by teaching best beekeeping practices.  Our learning never stops.  


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