2019 Italian NUCs - May 2019 Pick-up

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2019 Italian NUCs – Order now! Limited Quantity Available!

  • An Italian Queen, mated and marked for 2019
  • Three (3) frames of brood, plus two (2) frames of honey
  • $185 plus tax (State and local sales tax)
  • Scheduled Delivery Date: TBD 
  • Pick-up at Rocky Mountain Bee Supply, 24 S. Walnut St. Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (719) 375-5094
  • In-store pickup only on date of delivery. If you cannot make the pickup please make arrangements to have someone pickup and install your bees. 

NUC is short for nucleus colony. A NUC is a started colony of honey bees that consist of a mated Italian Queen, and five frames full of honey bees.  The NUC will arrive in a specifically designed cardboard NUC box consisting of 5 deep Langstroth frames. There will be two full frames of honey, and three frames consisting of eggs, brood, and pollen stores. Our queens will be inspected and marked for the 2019 year. All frames will be no older than 1-2 years old, and they will be in good shape with plastic foundation. You will not receive broken or diseased frames as seen from many other suppliers of NUCs. These NUCs are the best that we have seen on the market, and are proud to offer them. These NUCs are produced here in Colorado, and are Colorado proud. As many know, weather conditions in the Rocky Mountain region are precarious at best during the Spring. NUCs have a very good success rate in our climate and are a good value.

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