Colorado Bee Vac

“Colorado Bee Vac”
Has to be the best Bee Vacuum on the market today!

  • Select Premium Grade Pine for the Hive Body (Deep) size catch box.
  • Two coats of Behr Ultra Premium Exterior paint inside and out.
  • Double the capacity of other bee vacuums on the market today.
  • #8 Screened top for ventilation.
  • 1.75 hp vacuum with easily adjustable valve to regulate vacuum suction.
  • 10′ “smooth” vacuum hose with 20″ extension tube included.
  • Vacuum capable of using 20′ or even 30′ hose.
  • To empty simply set the catch box on top of your prepared hive body and pull the slide bottom. Bees will migrate to the prepared hive body on their own the majority of the time. After the bees have gone down to the hive body, remove the empty catch box, and slide in the metal bottom and you are ready to go. Quick empty method is to knock/or shake the bees down from the catch box and slide the metal bottom back into place. Additional catch boxes available for multiple swarms, removals, or extractions.

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