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BuzzBox Mini hive monitor

The BuzzBox Mini is your smart hive monitoring assistant. We use artificial intelligence to inspect your hive's health and report updates to your mobile app continually throughout the day. Detect swarming, missing queen, healthy, sick, or collapsed hives in real-time. Monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and local weather conditions. It even contains anti-theft systems that alert you when your hive is disturbed. Solar powered charger attaches to the outside of the hive and keeps the unit charged.  To get an update on your bees, simply take your phone to the hive, open the app, and refresh it.  This will instantly give a current analysis of your hives health.  Set up alarms to warn you of drops in temperature or can even tell you if your hive is queenless.  Drop ships directly from the manufacturer.

Buzz Box Mini Setup Video

Buzz Box Mini & OSBeehives App Demo Video