Thank you for your support during these difficult times. We have and will continue to be open to customers. We recommend that you use call ahead ordering. 


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Basic Consultation

If you need an experienced master beekeeper to take a look at your hives, we can do that depending on the distance and the time.  Consults are $50 per hour, $25 per additional hour and 0.65 per mile to and from location.

Consults will be tailored to customers needs at the time to include:  inspections, marking a queen, diagnosing problems, mite treatments, mentorship, helping capture a swarm,  advice, etc.  Leonard will be taking over Dann Purvis's consults, so if you need help, please call us here at the store to schedule consult appointments. Only Leonard will be doing consulting for the store and Dann's previous customers. We are not affiliated with any other beekeepers nor have we authorized any other beekeepers to do consulting at this time on behalf of Rocky Mountain Bee Supply or Purvis Bees Inc.