20 July 2019 10 am -- 12 pm FREE DANN PURVIS BEEKEEPER'S Q & A

Join Dann Purvis, Master Beekeeper, for a free demonstration on  how to light your smoker...and keep it lit. Free Question and Answer Session with a Master Beekeeper, Dann Purvis.  Dann is a former commercial beekeeper and queen breeder and is the only person to ever patent a breed of honeybee:  the famous Goldline Queen.  Dann has lectured all over the United States, Congress, and abroad.  Don't miss a chance to speak with one of the finest minds in beekeeping.  Bring your questions!  Limited seating available.  Please arrive a few minutes early and bring a camp chair and note taking materials. 

Bring your own smoker, fuel, hive tool, gloves, lighter if you'd like and we'll give you hands on help with lighting it.  Some great fuel:  pine needles, untreated burlap, sisal twine, cow dung patties, hay/straw, wood shavings (starter), wood pellets (starter), pine cones (starter), craft paper (starter), dryer lint (starter).

Class will be held inside and outside.  No children please.  

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