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2021 Colorado NUC

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New for 2021, we will be offering a limited supply of Nucleus Colonies (nucs) through our sub-set beekeeping business of Rocky Mountain Beekeepers LLC. We will utilize the resources of our Colorado apiaries to select and build local Colorado Front Range nucs. You are now able to purchase nucs directly from the beekeeper rather than a middle-man or an importer from outside states.

It is undoubtedly difficult to build nucs in Colorado due to the unpredictability of spring-time weather and the many variables that affect all Colorado beekeepers; however, our apiaries continue to grow and thrive. Our colonies are spread across multiple locations throughout El Paso, Douglas, Alamosa and Pueblo Counties.

Our strategy is to split only strong Mother colonies that have successfully overwintered here in Colorado. An advantage of this approach is the genetic diversification and attributes assumed from overwintered colonies. There are many factors affecting whether a colony can successfully survive a Colorado winter. Through our selective management techniques, we only split overwintered colonies selected for key characteristics, and by design.

Our splits create small nucleus colonies that require a queen to succeed. We will offer two purchasing options based on queen preference:
A nuc with a newly introduced 2021 mated Italian queenor
• A nuc containing a successfully overwintered 2020 queen 

To set the conditions for success, our nucs will be built from strong overwintered mother colonies and will contain a newly mated 2021 queen with 1-2 frame(s) of honey, and 3 frames containing pollen, eggs, larvae, and nurse bees. The 2021 nucs will be split from working honey production hives. What this means is that nucs may include wood or plastic frames, or a combination of both. Most brood frames will consist of 2-3 year old comb.

Your nuc will arrive in a new plastic Pro-Nuc box and will have been treated for varroa destructor mites in early Spring prior to delivery. We only treat using the Oxalic Acid vaporizing method.

Please take a look at the attached pictures showing some of our apiaries, as well as some of our 2020 nucs.

The dates for delivery will be determined based on the healthy development of the nucs. We will strive to deliver all nucs by the end of May 2021. We will do our very best to keep all beekeepers updated on the status of the nucs because we know people have busy lives and need to plan accordingly. Please keep in mind that springtime weather will have the most effect on development and delivery timing. If we have late snow and cold, the queens may shut down and will not lay eggs. We will need a good window of approximately three consistent warm weeks for egg-laying and brood development. Other nuc producers that have guaranteed delivery dates are most likely importing their nucs from out of state.

It is in our best interest to provide the highest quality nucs to our customers, and we strive to provide the best support that we can. However, there are many variables in beekeeping and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to successfully continue to establish a bee colony. We do offer and recommend that all new beekeepers take a basic beekeeping class prior to receiving their bees. Please see our classes listed on our website under the Training tab. 

Best beekeeping practices ensure success. Please review our Refund Policy on our website:

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