Why do I need to take a beekeeping class?

Research has shown that beekeepers will get out of the hobby after three years. Why? Beekeeping can be challenging, especially here in Colorado. Increase your learning curve and success by taking classes... Dann Purvis, our on-staff master beekeeper and instructor, takes the mystery out of it. Learn what you need, how to start, what your first year will look like, and what your time commitment will be.

 You can watch all the Youtube videos you want, read all of the blogs and books, but there’s nothing close to taking a class from a master beekeeper. Let’s face it: Colorado is a menagerie of micro-climates. Beekeeping techniques can vary from northern, central, and southern just because you saw a technique done in the southern U.S., it may not work here.

Always know that here, at Rocky Mountain Bee Supply, we are committed to your success. Our staff strives to help and support you on your journey...whether you are a new beekeeper or a seasoned one. Count on us for quality bees, wooden ware, tools, equipment, protective wear, extraction services, or education. We’re saving hive at a time