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Join Master Beekeeper Dann Purvis and learn how to produce your own queens for your own hives and do it easily. A former commercial queen producer, Dann  will give you some secret tips and techniques not in the books. Don’t miss this one. Limited seating available.  Please bring a camp chair and note taking materials.  No children please.

Rocky Mountain Bee Supply

24 S. Walnut St.

Colorado Springs, CO  80905

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Parking:  Please park in the RMBS parking lot or the north end of the Denver Omelette.  DO NOT PARK in the four spaces next to the 64 Store.  They will tow you.

No refunds:  please call us if you have an emergency.  We can try to reschedule you in an alternate class.

Dann Purvis is a Master Beekeeper from the South Eastern United States that currently resides in Colorado Springs.  He married his wife Roseanne in 1997 and made their home in the mountains of northern Georgia keeping bees and breeding the line of bees known as the Purvis Goldline honeybee.  They formed the company Purvis Brothers Apiaries, Inc. named after their four sons.  The family grew the business the 1000 hives of bees, 1800 mating nucs, produced 20 barrels of sourwood honey, 10,000 queen honeybees and numerous other by-products per year, at its peak.  Their main product was the coveted Purvis Goldline Queen Honeybee, which was well known for its ability to survive without the use of chemicals, gentleness, and productivity and were considered by many to be the “best queens a beekeeper could keep”.  This is the only bee to date that was ever to receive a patent status.  As one of the very few artificial inseminator of queen honeybees, Dann used this technique to collect the largest and most diverse gene pool, what he calls his “tool box”.

Dann has been active in teaching at the local, national, and international levels.  He was asked to speak with members of Congress, Senate, and “just about every politician from dog catcher all the way to the President’s men” concerning bees and their survival.  Dann has published numerous articles concerning the keeping, breeding, an the survival of honeybees.

Dann’s main interest is passing on his love and knowledge of beekeeping and strengthening the small farmer through diversity and implementing new strategies with an emphasis on the urban environment.

It is our privilege and pleasure to have Dann here on staff with us at Rocky Mountain Bee Supply and we hope that you will continue your education in beekeeping with us.

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