Recorded e-learning Home Brew Meadmaking class


Join award-winning mead maker Paul Di Diego of Pyromancer Brewing for a class on home-brew mead making. In this class, you will learn some of the many methods of making mead from equipment basics, techniques, recipes, etc. This is a class for all levels of mead making, from beginner to advanced. You will learn the whole process of modern mead making at home, from sanitation to bottling and everything in between. NO REFUNDS.

Venue:  LIVE Online E-Learning via ZOOM.  Learn from the comfort of your home .  You will be emailed a link to view the liveclass.  Five minutes before the class starts, you will need to access your provided link.  You will need high speed internet or a smart phone.  You will be able to ask questions during the class.

Instructor Paul DiDiego: I started my first batch of Mead in the year 2000. In Georgia, it was hard to find Mead in the dry county that I lived. I found a recipe in a book and decided to make it myself. The first time I tried Mead, it was my own. I immediately fell in love with it. It has been a passion of mine to share it with as many people as I can ever since. There are not enough people in the United States who know what mead is, and I have taken every opportunity to educate people on it as I continue to experiment with different varieties of honey, yeasts, fruits, and spices in my home brews. Though still in the home-brew status, we are taking steps to make Pyromancer Brewing into a fully functioning, naturally gluten free brewery in Colorado.

NO REFUNDS.  If you miss the class, we will send you the recorded version of the class.  We cannot refund your money after purchase.  


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